let the darkness embrace me

let the darkness embrace me

                           warm me

                           love me

wrap my naked soul

                           in death

                           in pain

                           in escape

a thousand nights

a thousand tears

a thousand deaths

welcomes me again and again and again

fetally I lie naked

                            beaten and bloodied

and the darkness holds me to its breast

                            comforts me — alone

i shudder to the cold of void

before the darkness fills me

                            i in it – it in me

manifest in fire burning low

and sparsely lighting the filled void

crush me now

beneath the black boot of death

                            …and I sleep, finally

i awaken

the black waters rise

to overtake the small craft,

i, in my indifference to the dark

i drop oar to row upstream

but the acid waters eat away the weakened wood

my crystaline craft is yet unaffected,

                            for now

held intact by fading will

the chasm walls rise out of site on either side

the river runs deep, deep into blackness

i gaze into it

no reflection gazes back

                          i am truly alone

                           forsaken even by myself

my skin flakes away to reveal a hardness

scaly and dry

what have I become?

and redemption shows no hesitation

as she flees into the surrounding darkness

and she has left no trace or trail

in which to follow and plead her return.

as I reach in her departure’s direction

my arms fall shattered against

the floor of the craft

                            still afloat the blackness

                            void of destination

unable to grasp hold as the waves crash down

i am thrown from the boat

i bash my head against the crystal hull

my open mouth consumes the blackness

                             and it consumes me…



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