Meshing Thought and Emotion

Through the course of time As life runs its circles There comes a time When death is evident Without change And until change is upon us Life flys away With the joy of love And / or childhood When stagnation Sets in like a poison From a cobra’s fangs Til love becomes irrelevant “the further … More Meshing Thought and Emotion



the effort it takes to hold back the tears becomes more and more trying with more and more crying and more and more denying and more and more wanting to let the flood rain to let the blood drain to let the song refrain to let the tears fall upon the pain deep within upon … More tears

i am bound

my brain is getting the best of me the processor is working overtime and i am spiraling i am never an angry person i don’t want to be angry but i feel its grip on me darkness and rancor surround me they make themselves at home in my dungeon sour wetness trickles down cold stone … More i am bound

a low hum

a low hum and i can hear the windows in the close darkness draw near to me and in the emptiness i thought i heard you breathe i must move but the silence holds me captive binds me where i lie on my back in the dark in all absence of light and in the … More a low hum