i am bound

my brain is getting the best of me the processor is working overtime and i am spiraling i am never an angry person i don’t want to be angry but i feel its grip on me darkness and rancor surround me they make themselves at home in my dungeon sour wetness trickles down cold stone … More i am bound


i go out or my way and it does no good running in circles not doing the thing i know i should i need to tell to share these doubts that stare at me from a pool on the floor of unwarranted shouts i cover my ears i cover my eyes hold away the guilt … More cover

my mind escapes

my mind escapes taking my heart with it in a blood-curdling scream my emotion is splattered across a white wall and i go down gasping for seventeen seconds more while someone somewhere is thinking if me in disgust now i slit my throat on my own tears as i open the horizon of my soul … More my mind escapes