Waking to the sound of her breath in the darkness, he gathered his belongings in silence, hoping not to disturb her sleep.  So beautiful she was to him, he could no help but to sit a moment and stare at her innocence; to take in everything about her.  Finally, he kissed her forehead in good-bye.  With tears blurring his vision, he scribbled a page of regret to his departure.  He knew he could not face her; his guilt was enormous for the heart that would be broken at dawn.  Shouldering his duffle, he was startled by a rustling of the coverlet.  He froze, afraid he had awakened her.  The smile on her face when she rolled toward him said that she was only dreaming; dreaming of him.

Morning was about to break.  He would have also, had he not left when he did.  He knew she should not get mixed up in the mess he had created.  He started this, he must finish it – alone.  Murder was not something taken lightly.  Time now to move on before the police catch wind of his mishap.  Maybe, he hoped, he’d see her again when this is over.



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