Meshing Thought and Emotion

Through the course of time

As life runs its circles

There comes a time

When death is evident

Without change

And until change is upon us

Life flys away

With the joy of love

And / or childhood

When stagnation

Sets in like a poison

From a cobra’s fangs

Til love becomes irrelevant

“the further I get from the things that I care about
the less I care about how much further away I get.”
(The Cure — Fear Of Ghosts)


Worms of the world

Writhe in my heart…

So cold the damp soil

In which nothing can take root

Except forces of evil

Blown in from the valley of death

From a black solstice

Come beams of solidarity

Caked in rust of 

Too many lonely nights

Of emotional intellect

Of “why’s” and “what if’s”

Ideas and consequences

Of no signifigance

At the present.

Dreams I keep

And nights I weep

And days without sleep

I throw myself

Upon the death I see creep



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