the malady of mortality

(written summer of 1990 – inspired by Anne Rice’s vampire novels)

lick your canine teeth
in the darkness of your piety
and your cloak disintegrates
rotting my heart with it
the blood on your lips
sprays laughs at my persona
and cobwebs and darkness inside you
encompass me
and i shiver and freeze
a hundred faces rush me
all in a straight line

but i could never be cold
to your face
though i writhe
though i writhe
writhe inside my head
with blood-stained bitterness

and a dying garnet rose

watch me from sunken sockets
your hollow eyes follow
as the maggots inside my head
push me over

in the bowels of your mind
in my hands and face
your blood-stained
larva invested laugh
echoes across the water

the lights dim in your presence
from the darkness emanating
from your soulless spirit

i’ve spit on you
like i’ve spit in the mirror
my last this lifetime
go down on your own kind
leave me alone
leave me alone

one more look
from your hell-bound soulless eyes
and i’ll kill me for you
bare your teeth at me and
i’ll embed them in your own dead flesh
your blood-red tears
i see right through them
you love me enough to kill me

you can’t share what you’ve found
because you know
i’ll be a better bloodsucker
then you want to be
you’re the immortal
but i think like you should
i feel like you should
i see like you should
you’re lose without your mortality
i’ll always rule you
so kill me you vagrant



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