sour in my heart

the sour in my heart and bitter in my mouth increase in intensity and the darkness around me becomes empty when i reach out the cold is deathly and damp the magic inside the spark of love the spark of romance the spark of life has been snuffed out can you smell the smoke? how … More sour in my heart



i go out or my way and it does no good running in circles not doing the thing i know i should i need to tell to share these doubts that stare at me from a pool on the floor of unwarranted shouts i cover my ears i cover my eyes hold away the guilt … More cover

ill-composed melody

nightlight with piano attuned representations of misconceptions assumptions and judgements crescendo of emotions jumping off walls pouncing composer, director, and musician taboo scales play back and forth here in this house the individual rules with misunderstandings of another’s drummer almost intentionally instrumentations of ignorance lyrics of inexperience half measures of surface notions accents of inconsideration … More ill-composed melody

my mind escapes

my mind escapes taking my heart with it in a blood-curdling scream my emotion is splattered across a white wall and i go down gasping for seventeen seconds more while someone somewhere is thinking if me in disgust now i slit my throat on my own tears as i open the horizon of my soul … More my mind escapes


sunlight seeps in through the blinds to light the room. time drags by causing the day to be so long. loneliness acts as lead weights on my eyelids boredom sets in like a virus to make me sick fatigue creeps up and attacks me from behind sleep it fights sunlight it resets time it relieves … More sleep