The Pains Of Heaven And Hell


For as the sun rises o’er the seas,

Dragons rose out of Hell like thieves.

Red, white and firey blue;

Good and evil shall fight. This is true.


Out of the west under two moons,

Clerics rode on what they called goons.

They were sent from Heaven, like light from the sun;

And in their heads, good would be done.


The trial will begin in the blink of an eye.

The death of the city draweth nigh.

As legends say, dragons allow no slack,

But the hawk-like goons sped to attack.


The city of Ekron fell to its knees,

Like the caressing of steel in the autumn breeze.

The love of all will soon be lost

If the darkness upon us becomes as frost.


Being of hawk and of stag

The goons flew like the Ekron flag.

The clerics fought from dusk til dawn,

But the war seemed to go on and on.


The dragons destroyed with such great force.

They seemed controlled by an inside source.

The dragons destroyed; burn, burn, burn!

But given time, the war will turn.


One by one the dragons fell,

They became as slugs without a shell.

The clerics knew the war was theirs,

But they weren’t victors, only heirs.


For darkness was beat but not for long.

The victory of good was but a song.



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