emotional personification

overlooking the river of death
from the cliff of dreamlessness
as the winds of despair
wrack my broken naked body
with agony of defeat

i prepare to dive.
the judges await my final performance

belief in life
has all diminished
with the colors of the coming moon
i breathe in black and white, mostly black
and the decomposition of emotion
begins its endless cycle

with arms outstretched beside me
i delve into a state of inner turmoil
complete only with the end of existence
hopefully to begin another
my loneliness in transition
is a mind game of regression
into nostalgia and details
of a life not worth suffering
and every breath poses a question
life or death
existence or non-exsitence



One thought on “emotional personification

  1. This struck a chord with me; thank you for posting it. The first image I got from it was somebody in a sort of dream-scape standing on the edge of a cliff and preparing to dive, either to their death or to a separate state of being. It’s beautifully surreal! Then, depending on how I read the rest of the poem I can either see it as a literal preparation for a jump to the death (off a cliff) – or I can see it someone metaphorically contemplating suicide. Or even a shift.
    Thank you for this. I shall read your other poems!


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